Education Programme

The Education Programme, which consists of educational workshops held in various regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, aims to educate children to always be safe in contact with dogs, as well as to teach them about responsible dog ownership and dogs’ needs – so future generations will be both safe and responsible!


Contact your Education Officer:

Elma Šabanović
tel. 063 490 980

Aida Hulusić
tel. 063 490 971

Faruk Hodžić
tel. 061 875 937

Aleksandar Todorović
tel. 061 875 930

Vatrenka Mišković
tel. 063 556 981

Maja Buljan
tel. 063 968 975

Slađana Grbić
tel. 051 450 125

Marijana Kalajdžić
tel. 066 778 828

Milka Kalajdžić
tel. 065 973 732

Slađana Bosiljčić Brajović
tel. 061 254 292

Boris Brajović
tel. 065/991-378

Who can book a free workshop?

  • Primary schools, for children from 2nd to 6th year;
  • Children and youth associations;
  • Libraries;

You can invite us to your children’s festivals and events!

Our workshops are approved and supported by Cantonal Ministries of education in all regions. The content of the workshops can be adapted to the curriculum of every school subject. This way, children can learn about safety with dogs, responsible dog ownership and dogs’ needs in, for example, math class:
We can learn how to care for our dog, and calculate how much money, food and living space we need by solving math problems, practicing multiplication, division, addition and substraction, and learning about measuring units!