Award for Humane Treatment of Animals

Dogs Trust Representative Office has been awarding its annual award for humane treatment of dogs since 2016. Award recipients receive training, equipment and necessities for the continuation of their work on humane treatment of dogs in the value of around 1,000£.

Who can submit a nomination?

  • Individuals;
  • Organisations;
  • Associations/Companies/Departments;
  • Institutions.


Potential candidates for this Award cannot nominate themselves.

Send us your nomination with a detailed description how the nominee fits the above criteria via e-mail to: with your contact phone number and contact details of the nominee.

Who can be nominated?

Potential candidates for this Award are registered, law compliant, organisations, associations, companies, departments and institutions which:

  • Show willingness to help and/or rescue animals whose lives or safety are unnecessarily threatened;
  • Invest their free time and resources into helping abandoned dogs, in compliance with the law and with no financial interest;
  • Promote responsible dog ownership, humane treatment of animals in general and the establishment of a humane and law compliant dog population management system.

Who CANNOT be nominated?

  • Individuals or groups who hold unregistered shelters, pensions, etc.;
  • Individuals or groups who accept unregistered sponsorship for rehoming of dogs;
  • Unregistered organisations;
  • Individuals, groups, associations, departments, companies, institutions who have a history of cruel/illegal treatment of animals;
  • Individuals or groups with criminal records.

Winner 2016: Dobrovoljno vatrogasno društvo "Vratnik"