There are many abandoned dogs that would make great pets, but the success of our Programme will largely depend on the volunteers who will work with us! Help us make sure that as many dogs as possible find their permanent, happy home!

If you are interested in being a Fostering volunteer, please read the information below and write us at

Dogs Trust Representative Office is starting with its support in rehoming of stray and abandoned dogs. The support will be carried out through the Fostering Programme which includes participation of volunteers who will be temporary care takers of the dogs.

A Foster volunteer:

  • Has to love dogs;
  • Has to be at least 18 years of age, and if living with parents, to have their consent;
  • Cannot be an activist who practices or practiced dog rehoming abroad with unregistered profit;
  • Has to commit to taking the foster dog to Dog School once a week for classes;
  • Commit to contact the on-call vet and Fostering Coordinator in case of emergency.

Benefits the volunteer will have from participating in the Dogs Trust Fostering Programme:

  • Will help save lives of the abandoned dogs;
  • Will not have any financial expenses related to the care of the foster dog;
  • Will receive a symbolic allowance for care of the foster dog;
  • Will have the opportunity to learn about positive motivation dog training from Dogs Trust experts;
  • Will receive a special Thank You letter from Dogs Trust;
  • Will help the community in resolving the stray dog problem.

 Support the volunteers will receive from Dogs Trust

  • Food for the foster dog;
  • Complete veterinary processing and treatments;
  • All necessities for the dog, such as collar, lead, blanket, food and other available accessories;
  • Support by Fostering Coordinator;
  • Support by Dogs Trust Dog School and behaviour experts;
  • Special education in positive motivation training.


The process will be starting at a slow pace, for the beginning only in Canton Sarajevo, and will expand in time, for the following reasons:

  • Dogs Trust still does not have its own Rehoming Centre, which means that the process will depend on the number and quality of fostering volunteers
  • Resources are available for only one Fostering coordinator and only one Dog School location for the time being
  • Dogs Trust rehoming standards assure quality and sustainability, vs quantity (best match between the dog and the owner which assures that the rehoming will be permanent, instead of finding as many owners without assessment and matching and risking high rate of return or dog abandonment).