Veterinary Training Programme

Dogs Trust Representative Office in B&H supports the Veterinary Training Programme, which is implemented in cooperation with the Veterinary Faculty, University of Sarajevo. This Programme has been recognized as a part of the Lifelong Learning Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

How to apply?

Send us your completed and scanned application form, certified by your employer, via e-mail to:

Application requirements:

Veterinarians and veterinary technicians employed in a local veterinary station can apply for the Training Programme. Priority will be given to veterinary staff employed in veterinary stations in regions in which an approved plan for expansion of the Dogs Trust support exists.

The Veterinary Training Programme is held 10 times a year.

Veterinary Training of Surgical Orchiectomy and Ovariohysterectomy of Dogs

  • Seven-day training course for veterinary surgeons, based on intensive practical work under the mentorship of local and international veterinary surgeons.

Veterinary Training in Anaesthesia, Analgesia and Dog Welfare

  • Six-day training course for veterinarians and veterinary technicians.

The aim of the Programme is to form a large number of veterinary teams throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina which would, in cooperation with their local communities, conduct mass neutering campaigns of abandoned dogs, as well as neutering of owned dogs – which is an important measure according to the Animal Protection and Welfare Act.