QSI International School Sarajevo Children Donated Necessities to Help Rescued Dogs in Dogs Trust Fostering Programme

Dogs Trust team members visited the QSI International School Sarajevo on Monday, April 18, 2022, where they organised an educative and fun workshop for a group of children who raised funds earlier this year to support dogs rescued and rehomed as part of Dogs Trust Fostering Programme. The story began in a field trip when the children saw a lonely, beautiful, and cuddly stray dog they named Buddy, and decided they wanted to help abandoned dogs who must live without much needed owners’ care and love. With the help of their teacher, soon after, they started a school bake sale to gather funds for saved and rehomed Dogs Trust dogs. Thanks to their hard work and initiative, the rescue dogs in Dogs Trust Fostering Programme waiting to find their happy forever homes, will enjoy treats, toys, and other goodies worth almost 700 convertible marks!

At the workshop, children learned how to be as safe as possible when in contact with, and near dogs, but also about dogs’ needs and the importance of responsible dog ownership. By staying safe and learning to be responsible, the children have the power to help us with the joint goal – to come to a day when dogs like Buddy will no longer have to suffer the cruel life on the street. On this occasion, the school was awarded a Dogs Trust Certificate of Appreciation for this humane initiative and noble donation. Responsibility, security, empathy, and respect for diversity are priceless values for the society in a whole, and they are best to learn from a young age. It is exactly this type of values and education that Dogs Trust has been fully financing and implementing across Bosnia and Herzegovina by for nearly 10 years now so far, reaching over 350,000 children!