Dogs Trust – Support only for regions with proactive local authorities

From now on, the Dogs Trust Foundation in BiH will, with the purpose of making a more effective use of its resources and sustainability of the achieved results in supporting sustainable, humane, legal solution to the problem of stray dogs, implement its programmes only in local communities with local authorities that work proactively on the implementation of relevant laws and the establishment of the Dog Population Management System.

We invite all the local communities in BiH that are already active in the consistent implementation, to reply to our email sent to all local authorities in BiH and to apply for our support.

You can also find the terms and conditions of your application at:

New approach and criteria for participation in Dogs Trust programmes – Dogs Trust BiH.

This is part of the new approach in providing Dogs Trust support, due to which the operation of the Dog Sterilization Programme is temporarily paused until the end of 2021, everywhere except for the test region, in which the implementation is carried on a significantly smaller scale.

Local authorities are the only ones responsible, but also the only ones with all the necessary mechanisms and resources to implement these as well as all the other laws. Only with their full engagement, which they owe to the citizens who elected them and who finance them, the problem can be brought under control efficiently and humanely, and gradually solved so that it is no longer repeated. Ad hoc and non- systematic, even illegal activities, only prolong the problem and contribute to the continuation of the risk for both the community and the dogs.

We wish for our assistance and the significant results we have achieved not to be invalidated as has often been the case so far because local authorities have not continued to implement the necessary legal measures nor have they established a System. The Dogs Trust's voluntary assistance will enable them to solve the problem more efficiently, much faster and with less expenditure from their budgets, and to invest the resulting savings in other necessary social programmes, thus Dogs Trust in fact helps the community in more ways.

Over the past (almost) 10 years, the Dogs Trust has, on an entirely voluntary basis, and through programmes designed to support the legal Dog Population Management System and the permanent and humane solution to the problem of stray dogs, already helped many communities to bring the dog population on the streets under control, to prevent the influx of new dogs through irresponsible abandonment of dogs and unwanted dog litters, and to raise awareness of the importance of responsible and legal dog owning. The capacity of the veterinary profession, crucial for the implementation of important legal measures, has also been raised significantly.

However, once again, we note that the role of local authorities is irreplaceable, because only they must and only they can ensure the supervision of dog keeping – including owners, breeders, hunters, boarding houses and shelters, through sanctioning any form of irresponsible ownership or violation of the Law, and by binding legal measures into a System and permanently and consistently enforcing it.

Our results so far are evident; about 100,000 dogs sterilized, including about 70,000 stray dogs; close to 500 trained veterinary experts; about 1,500 educated owners and trained dogs; more than 18,000 children who participated in our workshops, 50 adopted mixed- breeds which were rescued from the street; more than 80 major, and nearly 1,000 smaller media campaigns to raise awareness and educate the general public!

With active and responsible local authorities, and our support, we will surely reach a common goal – that dogs no longer live abandoned on the street, but responsibly cared for, which will contribute to the well- being of the entire community, reduce risks and prevent the unnecessary destruction of innocent animals!