5 of the best tips on how to help reduce the stress of your pet caused by loud noises and fireworks

We’re all afraid of loud noises if we don't understand them and if we don't know what's causing them. We can only imagine how our pets feel when the fireworks start on New Year's Eve, especially in case of firecrackers, which unfortunately happens despite the prohibitions.

Here are some tips on how to prepare your pet for the loud noises season:
– Take your dog for a walk before dark – make sure your dog goes to the bathroom and has enough exercise before the loud noises start.
–Feed your dog before the fireworks start because he may get upset and won't eat during the fireworks.
–Make sure your house or apartment is well secured and your dog has no way to escape due to fear.
–Try to help your dog settle down before the fireworks start – if your dog is in a familiar and safe environment, it will help him cope with the noise.
–Provide your dog with a safe hiding place – this may be his favourite hiding place, e.g. under the table. Close the curtains, turn on the lights and turn up the volume on the TV or radio to muffle the sounds of fireworks.
–Create a hiding place for your dog by putting a blanket over the table, enclosing it with pillows and putting his favourite toys and treats inside the hiding place. If the dog is very afraid, and he wants your attention, spend time with him in the hiding place.

Help your dog during fireworks and other loud noises:

– Never punish a dog for reacting to fireworks because this will only heighten his fear. Try to stay relaxed in order to be a good example for your dog. If your dog comes to you for comfort, never ignore him, but comfort him in the way he likes it – talk comfortingly to him, pet him if he's asking for it.
–Never leave your dog alone in the house during fireworks season because he can panic and get hurt.
–Have fun with the dog in the house, play with him if he likes it, offer him his favourite toys, practice commands with lots of rewards! If, however, the dog just wants to hide, do not force him out of his hiding place, let him stay where he feels safe.
– Be especially careful when you open the door because your dog may try to escape; if possible, try to ensure that there is another closed door between your dog and your front door and always put a leash on him before opening the front door.