A letter of donation from Dogs Trust in the amount of 100,000 BAM intended for the protection of health of school children signed by Minister Krivić and Head of the Representative Office of the Dogs Trust Foundation in BiH

Prompted by the current epidemiological crisis, the Dogs Trust Representative Office in B&H has decided to mark the eighth anniversary of its work with primary school children in Sarajevo Canton and excellent cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth through a valuable donation to help protect children’s health as the most vulnerable category in the society. On this occasion, the Letter of Donation was signed by the Minister of Education, Science and Youth of Sarajevo Canton, Mr. Anis Krivić and the Head of Representative Office of the Dogs Trust Foundation in BiH, Mr. Anel Bećirović.

During the meeting it was agreed to continue and expand cooperation, and with all the prescribed protection measures to continue conducting Dogs Trust workshops in classrooms as soon as possible. The donation in the amount of 100,000 BAM consists of cotton, three-layer protective masks for 18,000 children and 2,000 teaching staff, and 1,100 disinfectant dispensers with initial amounts of disinfectants that our education officers will directly delivered to all primary schools in Sarajevo Canton. With this, every child from 2nd to 6th grade in the Sarajevo Canton and all their teachers will receive a quality reusable protective mask, and each teacher’s room and classroom will receive a dispenser with an initial amount of hand sanitizer. The Dogs Trust Foundation in Sarajevo Canton, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth, and to the satisfaction of teachers, parents and children, has been financing and conducting education of school children aged 7 to 11 in the form of educational and entertaining workshops which so far covered over 110,000 children and about 95% of primary schools.

The primary goal of these workshops is to help children be as safe as possible near dogs or in contact with them, but also to make them aware that as future adult citizens they should be responsible, and thus ensure that the problem of abandoned dogs, which still exists in BiH, is not continued. Dogs Trust interactive workshops help children, through learning about dogs, to build self-confidence and empathy. These very important topics for children and society as a whole, can be addressed through some subjects from the curriculum such as Mathematics, English, Biology, History, Art, and Homeroom classes. Through this approach and topics that children love, they gain knowledge through fun, which breaks their fear and anxiety in communication and helps them in achieving better academic success. Let’s remind ourselves that thanks to the efforts of the Representative Office of the Dogs Trust Foundation, the number of abandoned dogs in Sarajevo has been reduced by as much as 75% in the past eight years, and thus the safety risks for children and the wider community. Schools that are not yet included in this program, as well as parents who want to learn more about Dogs Trust workshops in classrooms and online, are invited to watch the video and information on our website: https://www.dogstrust.ba/aktivnosti/edukacija/ .