Education Programme

Learn with Dogs Trust! Apply for online workshops for children.

During each academic year, primary schools across BiH can take part in our free education programme, designed to improve the education process, by contacting one of our Education Officers whose contact details are listed at the bottom of this site. Children are always happy to learn about safety around dogs.

Our Education Programme is aimed at teaching children about safety around dogs, responsible dog ownership, and a dog's needs. Fun, educational workshops are free of charge and available across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our Programme is supported by regional Ministries of Education and is designed to support various school subjects within national curricula. Children can learn about safety around dogs and responsible ownership in Maths class. e.g., how to take care of a dog, how much money and space is needed – we can calculate by solving mathematical equations, practicing multiplication and division tables, addition, and subtraction, and learning about units of measurement!

Our target audience are children aged 7 – 11. Workshops are free of charge and delivered by our Education Officers, who are professional teachers. The goal is to teach children how to behave safely around dogs, and help them learn about dog's needs, their nature, the importance of responsible dog ownerships, and the proper care for a dog.

Suvad Cibra
tel. 063 490 719

Elma Šabanović
tel. 063 490 980

Aida Hulusić
tel. 063 490 971

Faruk Hodžić
tel. 061 875 937

Aleksandar Todorović
tel. 061 875 930

Vatrenka Mišković
tel. 063 556 981

Ivana Rimac Milanović
tel. 063 980 705

Slađana Grbić
tel. 051 450 125

Svjetlana Kaurin
tel. 065 947 952

Slađana Bosiljčić Brajović
tel. 061 254 292

Boris Brajović
tel. 065 991 378

Dino Kovačević
tel. 063 031 929

Emir Avdispahić
tel. 061 932 751

Dragana Lugonja
tel. 065 218 290

Who can apply?

  • Primary schools, pupils aged 7 – 11;
  • Youth associations;
  • Libraries.

-You can also invite us to visit your festivals and educational events!