Help with the adoption of stray dogs

We all know there are many wonderful stray dogs that could become great pets, but the success of our Programme also depends on the willingness of volunteers to work with us! Help us find permanent, happy homes for as many dogs as possible!

If you are interested in being a Fostering volunteer, please read the information below and fill in the volunteering application.

The Representative Office of the Dogs Trust Foundation in BiH provides support in the adoption of dogs through its own Fostering Adoption  Programme, with the participation of volunteers who temporarily take care of dogs who are part of the Programme.

Fostering volunteers are expected to:

  • love dogs;
  •  being over 18 years old and, if he/she lives
    with his/her parents, that he/she has their
    approval to participate in the Programme;
  • not being an activist currently participating, or
    who has participated in the adoption of dogs
    outside the territory of Bosnia and
    Herzegovina, for undeclared profits;
  • undertake to take the dog to classes at the
    Dogs Trust School for Dogs once a week;
  • undertake to contact the on-call veterinarian
    and Fostering Coordinator in case of

Volunteers participating in the Dogs Trust
Fostering Programme will have the following

  • will help to save the lives of stray animals;
    will not have any own financial expenditure
    related to the care of the foster dog;
  • will have a symbolic compensation for taking
    care of a "foster dog";
  • will receive professional education in training
    dogs according to the method of positive
  • as a token of appreciation, they will receive a
    Dogs Trust Thank-You Note for their
    contribution to the Fostering Programme;
  •  will contribute to the community in solving the
    problems of stray dogs.

The volunteers will have the support from the Representative Office of the Dogs Trust Foundation as follows:

  • food for the "foster dog";
  • complete veterinary treatment and care for
    the dog;
  • all supplies for the dog, such as collar, leash,
    mat, food and other available equipment;
  • support by the Fostering Coordinator;
  • support by dog training and behaviour experts
    from the Dogs Trust School for Dogs;
  • special education in training dogs through the
    method of positive motivation.


Initially, the Programme will be implemented at a slower pace and only in the area of the Canton of Sarajevo, for the following reasons:

  • The Representative Office of the Dogs Trust
    Foundation does not yet have its own
    Adoption Centre, which means that the
    Programme depends on the number and
    quality of Fostering volunteers;
  • Resources that are currently available are
    sufficient for only one Fostering Coordinator
    and one location of the School for Dogs, both
    necessary for this method of adoption;
  • Dogs Trust fostering standards guarantee
    sustainability and quality; according to Dogs
    Trust fostering standards, we always look for
    the best possible combination of the owners'
    opportunities and character and the needs and
    character of the pet, so that their relationship
    lasts for the lifetime of the dog, as opposed to
    the initially higher number of adoptions
    without a detailed compatibility assessment,
    which leads not only to a higher degree of dog
    return, but also their abandonment.