Technical Assistance Programme

Local authorites are responsible for the development and implementation of a law-compliant Dog Population Management System, and Dogs Trust supports those initiatives! Find out how such a System can help permanently solve the stray dog problem!

SHORT ANIMATION – Dog Population Management System

Dogs Trust Technical Assistance Programme for local authorities is aimed for representatives of local authorities who show initiative for solving the stray dog problem in a holistic, systematic, law-compliant, humane and sustainable manner.

The Programme includes:

  • Advisory support in creating an action plan for implementation of a law-compliant and humane Dog Population Management System which is the only efficient and permanent solution to the stray dog problem;

As a part of this support, Dogs Trust Representative Office published its DPM Manual as support to local authorities which includes detailed instructions on implementation of all measures of the System, as well as Dogs Trust developed and tested standard operating procedures used in Dogs Trust Mass Neutering Programmes, quality rehoming and numerous other useful resources.

  • Technical support through professional development of vet experts through the Veterinary Training Programme coordinated and supported by Dogs Trust and implemented in cooperation with the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Sarajevo, as well as training in humane dog catching;
  • Advisory support in education of school children and implementation of campaigns for public awareness and education;
  • Use of Dogs Trust publications and resources;
  • Priority for participation in other Dogs Trust Programmes, in accordance with available resources.

Dog Population Management Manual and related animation can be found on the links below: