A new approach in providing our voluntary support

Applications for local authorities are now closed. We will publish information on the new opening of applications in a timely manner.

In order for us to make the most efficient use of our resources, and to make our voluntarily provided support as useful as possible for local communities, starting from 2022, Dogs Trust in BiH is implementing its programmes exclusively in regions in which local authorities have clearly demonstrated that they have become familiar with the legal measures and their obligations arising from those measures, in particular from the state Animal Protection and Welfare Act, and that they have already initiated concrete steps towards their full, consistent, continuous and transparent implementation.

Thus, the results achieved by the Dogs Trust will not be at risk of being invalidated as before, but will in fact help local authorities to put in place a permanent, humane and legal Dog Population Management System which ensures that the problem does not return but also represents the easiest way and burdens the local budgets as little as it is possible. Such a solution is in the interest of both the community and the dogs.

The system basically involves:

  •  Hygiene service compliant with the
    Regulations prescribed by the Law
  • A minor, transitional shelter for abandoned
    animals in accordance with the Regulations
    prescribed by the Law
  • Agile veterinary inspection and utility workers
  • Mass sterilization and castration of dogs
  • Budget funds allocated for the stated
    purposes, i.e. the implementation of the Law

The criteria we used in selecting the regions in which we will implement our programmes in 2022 and 2023 can be found below:

Only local authorities can ensure that a legal system  is established and consistently implemented, and Dogs Trust supports such initiatives! See how such a system would solve the problem of stray dogs permanently!


Dogs Trust as a non-profit organization for dog welfare cannot provide the means to implement all measures nor can it solve the problem on its own, but it is available for advisory support to local authorities who are determined to finally solve the problem of stray dogs permanently and efficiently through a progressive, humane, self-sustaining system for the dog population management.

In view of this, we have also created a professional Guide to support local authorities containing detailed, step-by-step, instructions for establishing all measures of the System, developed and verified standard procedures of the Dogs Trust Programme for mass sterilization of stray dogs, as well as quality adoptions, and numerous other useful resources. You can download the professional Guide and short animation at the link below the text.