Another round of free neutering package for owned dogs starts on 29th of June, plus flea and tick treatment only until 31st of July

On June 29th 2015 we are entering yet another free neutering period for owned dogs, as part of the year-round support to Canton Sarajevo and East Sarajevo. In addition to free neutering, anti-rabid vaccine, anti-parasite treatment and micro-chip, for all dogs to be neutered through our programme between now and 31st of July, we are providing a season-appropriate gift, the flea and tick treatment.

With 1,251 stray dogs neutered during the latest mass neuter campaign that lasted between 1st and 27th of June, a total number of dogs neutered with Dogs Trust support raised to 12.507!

Once again, we would like to emphasise that the obvious benefits of Dogs Trust’s support would be best used if combined with all other measures in Dogs Population Management (DPM) system. Dogs Trust remains ready to bring the cooperation with the authorities, the only ones obliged to implement Animal Protection and Welfare Act (APWA) in B&H fully and consistently, to the level of partnership and to support them in this process with our available resources.