Appeal to Authorities of HNK Concerning Brutal Destruction of Dogs in Municipality Ravno

Our Representative Office is shaken-up with the information and photographs of the mass destruction of abandoned dogs in Municipality Ravno, as well as the potential threat to human health caused by illegal disposal of animal corpses.

We publicly appeal to the Veterinary Inspection of Hercegovina-Neretva Canton, Municipality Ravno and the State Veterinary Office to address and inform the public on its plans to investigate and sanction these inhumane acts which represent a serious violation to the state Animal Protection and Welfare Act.

The problem of abandoned dogs can and must be solved through the implementation of the state Animal Protection and Welfare Act which includes all the measures necessary for the establishment of a pro-European, modern, efficient, humane and self-sustainable Dog Population Management System.

Every violation of the Law, especially inhumane acts such as those taking place in Municipality Ravno, only mask the problem and prolong the permanent solution, while, at the same time, destroying innocent stray animals.

We appeal to the authorities to initiate steps to ensure consistent implementation of the Animal Protection and Welfare Act and begin working on a systematic and law-compliant solution to the stray dog problem in order to prevent similar situations in the future.

For over five years, Dogs Trust Representative Office has been creating, coordinating and financing valuable programmes to support the establishment of a law-compliant Dog Population Management System, and ensure an efficient and permanent solution to the stray dog problem in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All of Dogs Trust programmes are implemented in compliance with the local legislation, with the approval of and partnership with local authorities and employment of local partners.

We believe that dogs do not belong on the street, and that we have the common goal of all dogs living with their responsible owners.

However, due to its escalation, the solution of the problem cannot come overnight, especially with the lack of implementation of the Law.

Dogs Trust Foundation supports mass neutering campaigns and its other programmes on around 44% of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we aim to extend our support even further in depending on circumstances, readiness for cooperation of the local authorities, and our resources.

Mass neutering has prevented the birth of hundreds of thousands of new puppies on the streets, but this important measure is most efficient when combined with other measures in accordance with the Law, especially the implementation of responsible dog ownership which includes introducing penalties for owners abandoning and not caring for their dogs.

Local authorities from regions where Dogs Trust support exists have the opportunity to initiate further cooperation and utilise existing Programmes more efficiently with the aim of solving the problems within their authority with less public budget expenditures.

A permanent solution to the stray dog problem for the community and an end to unnecessary destruction of animals is only possible with a law-compliant Dog Population Management System established and implemented by the governing authorities.