Appeal to responsible authorities and inspections to urgently investigate and sanction dog poisoning and prevent future cases of such brutality

Prompted by the media, civil and the local animal protection associations’ reports, and by disturbing images of poisoned dogs in Tešanj and Jajce, we address the public appeal to the competent inspections and local authorities to urgently investigate cases of mass poisoning of abandoned dogs in these and other parts of the country where such horrific crimes have been recorded. Thanks to our great support through the numerous programs we have created and have fully financed and coordinated since 2012, the problem of stray dogs has been significantly mitigated although it has not yet been fully addressed, primarily due to inconsistent enforcement of relevant laws and the lack of an efficient, humane system for managing the population of dogs that would affect the very source of the problem – irresponsible dog ownership.

At a time when we are all at risk of getting infected by COVID 19, and when we are aware that dogs do not transmit the virus, the use of the emergency state as an excuse to brutally settle the problem of abandoned dogs through destruction of the innocent, healthy and socialized animals in the most inhumane way – by poisoning and leaving corpses on the streets, should be totally condemned. Such actions are not only a defeat of humanity, but also serious violations of the laws and additional health risks for the community, which should be subject to investigation and sanctions.

That is why we invite the responsible local authorities and inspectors, as well as the police, to urgently investigate these cases, to find and sanction perpetrators, and to ensure that these crimes do not happen again.

We urge local animal protection associations to monitor and record any unlawful and inhuman activity and urgently alarm inspections, authorities and the media. We also urge all international stakeholders in BiH, whose mission is to aid democratisation and development of the country, to contribute to prevention and sanction of such activities.