Around 70 Dog Owners from Livno Will Complete Dog School Training

Dogs Trust Dog School will help 70 dog owners from Livno, Canton 10, use positive motivation to teach their pets basic commands in order to develop a connection that will last throughout the dogs’ lifetime and will benefit the dog, the owner, and the entire community!

Three trained coaches from the Dogs Trust Dog School have been working with dog owners and their pets in Livno since January 23rd. The Dog School will remain in Livno until February 28th, in order to complete the cycle of full five-week training with each candidate.

Dogs Trust Representative Office in B&H coordinates and supports two Programmes in Canton 10, both developed by its founder Dogs Trust Worldwide, Mass Neutering of Abandoned and Free Neutering of Owned Dogs, as well as the children’s Education Programme.

These Programmes actively support the establishment of a law-compliant, efficient and humane Dog Population Management System and are carried out in Canton 10 in cooperation with the local Association for Animal Protection „O”, with the approval of the local authorities.

The Dog School is based in Semizovac, behind the Energopetrol gas station, has both indoor and outdoor training facilities and is available to dog owners from Canton Sarajevo, East Sarajevo, Zenica and its surrounding cities.

Free dog training based on positive motivation principles, with the same high-quality standards and procedures that apply to all Dog Schools in the United Kingdom, will again be available at the Dog School location in Semizovac starting from March 6th. We invite all interested dog owners to apply by following the instructions on our website:

In addition to this, we invite all current and future dog owners to watch our 14 Dog Training Videos, in order to learn about the Dog School’s positive motivation-based training. All future Dog School visits to other regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be announced beforehand!

Like all Dogs Trust Programmes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Dog School, which was launched in 2016, supports a law-compliant and humane solution to the problem of abandoned dogs because it reduces the risk of owners abandoning their dogs due to unwanted behaviour. A trained dog is a happy dog, and the owner of a trained dog – a happy owner! For a happy community with happy dogs in it!