Conditions in Dog Shelter Praca – Dogs Trust Public Appeal

The Dogs Trust Representative Office in B&H is concerned and shaken by the newest reports on the conditions at the dog shelter Prača. We use this opportunity to appeal to:

  • the authorized veterinary inspections to urgently conduct all necessary actions to inspect the conditions in this shelter, with a focus on the organisation of the shelter and dog welfare, and notify the public about the measures taken, in compliance with the law;
  • Relevant institutions and the managing company to announce their reports about the conditions at the shelter, and the measures that are being implemented to ensure compliance with the law, in particular concerning animal welfare and the organisation of the shelter.

In addition to this, we appeal to all responsible citizens to practice their rights and demand from their government to order an urgent investigation, and sanction all violations of the law, especially those concerning animal protection and welfare.

The Representative Office plans to contact the above-mentioned institutions directly. We plan to undertake all measures available to us, in accordance with our registered status as the representative office of a foreign foundation, to ensure dog welfare, including direct dialogue with local authorities and actors responsible for the implementation of the Animal Protection and Welfare Act in Bosnia and Herzegovina.