Dogs Trust and the Ministry of Economy of the Canton of Sarajevo are organising a joint campaign for the sterilization of stray dogs

On Monday, 29/11/2021, The Ministry of Economy of the Canton of Sarajevo and the Dogs Trust BiH signe  an agreement on cooperation and co-financing of a short-term project of mass sterilization/castration of up to 500 street dogs. The mass sterilization campaign will be conducted during the month of December, according to the standard procedures of the Dogs Trust Foundation using the new Dogs Trust approach, which includes recording all surgical procedures throughout the campaign, as well as other measures that will ensure transparency and compliance with legal procedures and Dogs Trust standards

The campaign will include sterilization/castration, rabies vaccination, treatment against intestinal parasites, chipping and marking of dogs with an ear tag and tattooing of stray dogs from this Canton, whereby the priority shall be given to the so-called critical females, i.e. females with active reproduction.


During its long-term support to this Canton, from 2012 to 2019, the Dogs Trust financed sterilization and additional processing for about 80% of the stray dog population, thus preventing tens of thousands of new litters from ending up on the street and helping to reduce the number of stray dogs by four times relative to the number of dogs we found in 2012. Starilization of owned dogs that can also be a source of new unwanted dog litters that usually end up on the street was also funded.

We are glad that the local authorities in the Canton of Sarajevo are taking the initiative and that they are working in this way to permanently solve the problem
of abandoned dogs and establish a system for managing their population. Dogs Trust continued to implement other programmes such as education of owners and training of dogs in the Dog School, education of children on the principles of dog safety and responsible dog keeping, fostering rehoming, and education of the general public in the Canton of Sarajevo.

By partnering with the Ministry in this project, Dogs Trust wants to encourage the Canton of Sarajevo to continue the immediate work on the legal and humane System, and, as the Canton with the largest city and capital of BiH, to become a role model for other parts of the country.

Starting from 2022, the Dogs Trust BiH will, with the purpose of a more efficient use of its resources and sustainable assistance to local communities, implement its programmes exclusively in regions whose local authorities have demonstrated their determination to consistently and systematically implement the Law.

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