Dogs Trust Announced Winners of the “Happy Dog – Happy Community” Competition

Nine primary schools, one from each municipality of Canton Sarajevo, were awarded by Dogs Trust Representative office on Thursday, April 13th, 2017. The official award ceremony for the primary school competition “Happy Dog – Happy Community”, organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of Canton Sarajevo, was held in the courtyard of the primary school “Isak Samokovlija” in Sarajevo.

By designing posters promoting responsible ownership, dogs’ needs and safety with dogs, children showed extraordinary creativity and knowledge gained through Dogs Trust workshops. The children’s posters will be used in the Representative office’s billboard campaign later this year.

“We are proud of the children’s creative outputs which are an excellent measure of the knowledge they have gained through the Education Programme that we have been implementing in Canton Sarajevo for five years”, said Anel Bećirović, Head of the Dogs Trust Representative Office in B&H.

Mr. Bećirović expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of Canton Sarajevo, for approving and recognizing the value of the Education Programme for the past five years, as well as being our partner for the children’s competition for the second consecutive year.

Dogs Trust educational workshops are aimed at teaching children how to be safe in contact with dogs, as well as educating them about the needs and nature of dogs, and the importance of responsible dog ownership. They present an important aspect of the Representative office’s overall support towards the solution of the stray dog problem in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The nine winning schools will each receive a computer with speakers which will be available to all children and educational programmes of the schools. In addition to this, this year, Dogs Trust has decided to award the dedicated leaders of the winning teams – teachers/mentors – each will receive a tablet for their own personal use.

All participants received certificates of congratulations and promotional gifts, and after the official ceremony everyone was invited to view an exhibition of the children’s artwork.

Competition winners:

  1. Municipality Centar, Primary School “Musa Ćazim Ćatić”;
  2. Municipality Stari Grad, Primary School “Vrhbosna”;
  3. Municipality Novo Sarajevo, Primary School “Grbavica II”;
  4. Municipality Novi Grad, Primary School “Aleksa Šantić”;
  5. Municipality Ilidža, Primary School “Četvrta osnovna škola”;
  6. Municipality Vogošća, Primary School “Porodice ef. Ramić”;
  7. Municipality Hadžići, Primary School “9.maj”;
  8. Municipality Ilijaš, Primary School “Podlugovi”;
  9. Municipality Trnovo, Primary School “Zaim Kolar”.

Participating schools:

Municipality Ilidža

  1. Prva Osnovna Škola
  2. Druga Osnovna Škola
  3. Treća Osnovna Škola
  4. Četvrta Osnovna Škola
  5. Peta Osnovna Škola
  6. Šesta Osnovna Škola
  7. Sedma Osnovna Škola
  8. Osma Osnovna Škola
  9. Deseta Osnovna Škola

Municipality Trnovo

  1. Primary School „Zaim Kolar“

Municipality Novi Grad

  1. Primary School „Dobroševići“
  2. Primary School „Skender Kulenović“
  3. Primary School „Aleksa Šantić“
  4. Primary School „Meša Selimović“

Municipality Hadžići

  1. Primary School „9.maj“

Municipality Novo Sarajevo

  1. Primary School „Malta“
  2. Primary School „Grbavica II“

Municipality Centar

  1. Primary School „Musa Ćazim Ćatić“
  2. Primary School „Hasan Kaimija“
  3. Primary School „Vladislav Skarić“
  4. Primary School „Hasan Kikić“
  5. Primary School „S.S. Kranjčević“
  6. Center for Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation, Sarajevo

Municipality Stari Grad

  1. Primary School „Vrhbosna“

Municipality Ilijaš

  1. Primary School „Podlugovi“
  2. Primary School „Srednje“

Municipality Vogošća

  1. Primary School „Mirsad Prnjavorac“
  2. Primary School „Porodice ef. Ramić“