Dogs Trust Appeals to Authorities to Urgently React to Media Reports on Cruel Conditions in Dog Shelter „Prača“

Due to a high number of documented media reports and disturbing videos and photographs that give evidence of cruel conditions in the dog shelter „Prača“,  Dogs Trust Representative office calls on the authorized institutions to urgently conduct a detailed inspection and take all necessary, law-compliant, measures to ensure unnecessary suffering and destruction of dogs comes to an end.

We have voiced our concerns on numerous occasions for similar, documented, cases of violations of the Animal Protection and Welfare Act in B&H, and we continue to appeal to the local veterinary inspections, Veterinary Office in B&H, as well as all remaining relevant institutions, to urgently and transparently conduct all necessary initiatives in order to identify and penalize these illegal acts that result in unnecessary suffering of dogs and, at the same time, pose a threat to the entire community.

Dogs Trust continues to support a consistent and full implementation of the APWA in B&H and the establishment of an efficient, law-compliant, humane and sustainable Dog Population Management System that can present a permanent solution to the stray dog problem in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We believe that a dog’s home is with their responsible owners, and not on the streets. However, since the necessary infrastructure, capacity and legal law-compliant shelters do not exist in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we aim to emphasize that it is harmful to remove neutered, healthy and socialized dogs from their communities.

This has negative impact not only on the lives of the innocent dogs, but it increases the safety and health risks for the entire community.

Socialized, healthy, vaccinated and neutered dogs that are cared for by members of the community are replaced by new dogs that can carry infectious diseases, be aggressive and have the ability to reproduce – all of which present a risk to both owned dogs and people within the community.

Dogs Trust Representative office encourages the responsible institutions to conduct clear measures to end the cruelty and violation of the Law, as well as establish a law-compliant system that we will continue to support in the future.