Dogs Trust Awards Mountain Rescue Service Jablanica With Award for Humane Treatment of Animals 2017

The Dogs Trust Representative Office awarded its Award for Humane Treatment of Animals 2017 to the Mountain Rescue Service Jablanica!

The award ceremony was organised by the Representative Office and held on Wednesday, December 20th 2017 in Jablanica, in the courtyard of the Mountain Rescue Service!

Jusuf Omerović, Secretary of the Service, accepted the symbolic voucher with the award amount of 5,000 BAM, as well as the Plaque and Dogs Trust Medal for humane treatment of animals.

The Award will be delivered directly to the Mountain Rescue Service in Jablanica, and it consists of:

  • Five (5) GPS Garmin eTrex 30 devices which will be used to increase the efficiency and success of future rescue missions;
  • Two dog transport cages and two sets for humane dog catching for safer animal rescue interventions;
  • Dogs Trust professional training in humane dog catching for the entire team.

The Ceremony was attended by the entire Mountain Rescue Service Team, including members, local heroes, Dženad Džino, Arman Halebić, Muhamed Idrizović and Bernard Kalinić, who have recently rescued a dog from the dam of the Jablanica lake. Representatives of the local authorities, partners, friends and citizens were also present at the event.

The Mountain Rescue Service Jablanica was chosen for the Award due to numerous nominations from citizens who have witnessed the readiness of its members to always respond to calls for help for animals whose life is in danger.

The Dogs Trust Representative Office Award for Humane Treatment of Animals was inspired by frequent positive examples of humane treatment of animals within the community, and was first awarded in 2016 to the Voluntary Fire Department “Vratnik” from Sarajevo!

The aim of the Annual Award is to display positive examples of organisations voluntarily providing aid to animals in danger, especially dogs, with no financial interest, and to increase awareness about the ethics and importance of humane treatment of animals.

For more information about the nomination criteria, visit our website at: