Dogs Trust Awards Primary School Students in Romanija-Zvornik Region

Dogs Trust Representative Office organised an official award ceremony on Thursday, April 19th, at the Primary School „Sveti Sava” in Zvornik for primary school students, participants of the „My Dog, My Responsibility” competition in Romanija-Zvornik Region.

Children produced short creative videos showing the knowledge gained at Dogs Trust Education Programme workshops.

Seven schools from the Region showed excellent knowledge and creativity in the videos they submitted to the competition. Even though the jury had a difficult task, three winning teams received valuable awards for their schools, while all participants received gift bags.

During the ceremony, Head of the Representative Office, Anel Becirovic, awarded the representatives of winning schools with vouchers, while the awards will be delivered directly to the winning schools.

First place was awarded to Primary School “Aleksa Jaksic” from Milici, which will receive equipment for a multimedia classroom, including a computer with speakers, projector, projector screen and a whiteboard.

Second place was awarded to Primary School “Jovan Ducic” from Sekovici, which will receive a computer, speakers and video camera.

Third place was awarded to Primary School „Kosta Todorovic” Skelani, which will receive a computer with speakers.

Dogs Trust Education Programme is approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Srpska and is implemented in cooperation with the Association „Koliba“. The Programme is implemented in Romanija-Zvornik Region and City of Banja Luka since 2015, and has been introduced in primary schools of the wider Banja Luka region and all municipalities of East Sarajevo in the beginning of this year.

Dogs Trust Representative Office provides substantial support to local authorities in the implementation of the state Law on Animal Protection and Welfare and establishment of a law-compliant, humane, efficient and sustainable Dog Population Management System through various Programmes it designs, coordinates and supports in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Education Programme represents an investment in children’s safety today, and in their future tomorrow, because, as educated citizens, they can prevent this problem from recurring.

Participating schools (three winners are highlighted):

  1. Primary School „Aleksa Jaksic“ Milici
  2. Primary School „Jovan Ducic“ Sekovici
  3. Primary School „Kosta Todorovic“ Skelani
  4. Primary School „Jovan Cvijic“ Drinjaca
  5. Primary School „Desanka Maksimovic“ Celopek
  6. Primary School „Petar Kocic“ Kozluk
  7. Primary School „Aleksa Santic“ Osmaci