Dogs Trust Awards Secondary School in Mostar for Humane Treatment of Animals

The Secondary School of Engineering Mostar is the winner of the Award and Medal for Humane Treatment of Animals 2019, awarded by the Dogs Trust Representative Office in B&H for the third consecutive year.

The decision to award this school was made due to the positive example set by the teachers who continuously educate their students on the dogs’ nature and needs, the importance of responsible dog ownership, and humane approach towards dogs, especially those which are abandoned and living on the streets.

The plaquette and medal for humane treatment of animals, as well as a symbolic voucher with the value of BAM 2,500, were delivered to the principal of the school, Ms Zdenka Miskovic, during the official ceremony on Friday, January 18th 2019. The award aimed to contribute to improved education and help activities focused on promotion of animal welfare, will be delivered to the school at a later time and will include a professional Canon camera as well as a supply of food for abandoned dogs which are cared for by the students of this school.

The ceremony was attended by the Dogs Trust representatives, students and teachers who, through their everyday work, aim to increase awareness about the importance of humane treatment of animals and animal welfare, especially the welfare of abandoned dogs. They teach their students empathy and help build a positive attitude towards animals. During the ceremony the students and teachers presented their activities aimed at promotion of animal welfare.

Numerous research shows that the attitude towards animals is a direct indicator of the health of the society, which means that humane treatment of animals is directly linked to humane treatment of people within a community! Dogs Trust Representative Office in B&H introduced this award to promote positive examples of humane treatment of animals within the community which can serve as an example and inspiration to others.

Dogs Trust Representative Office in B&H supports local authorities and the entire community with the implementation of a humane and law compliant Dog Population Management System, through Programmes it creates, coordinates and finances in various regions of the country.

Dogs Trust will expand its Education and Mass Neutering Programmes to the Hercegovina-Neretva Canton in February of 2019, in cooperation with the local partner Animal Care Centre from Mostar, and with the approval of local authorities.

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