Dogs Trust Dog School Temporarily Relocates to Livno

Dogs Trust Dog School which offers free education of dog owners and dog training based on principles of positive motivation in Canton Sarajevo, East Sarajevo, Zenica and their surrounding cities, will be offering free training classes in Livno, Canton 10, from January 23rd until February 28th, 2018.

Dog owners from Canton 10 can receive training by:

  1. Downloading and completing the application form from our website
  2. Sending the completed application form to our partner Association for Animal Protection „O” via e-mail to or
  3. Arriving at the Dog School location in Livno, along with their dog, at the scheduled time agreed upon with one of the coaches
  4. Carefully and consistently following instructions given by the coaches, and regularly attending classes

Dog School will return to Semizovac on March 6th, so we invite all dog owners from the surrounding regions to apply by following the instructions on as soon as possible.

We have more good news for dog owners: we have recently published our new Dog School Series on our YouTube channel in the playlist „Dog Training Videos”. The 14-episode series offers additional information about our Dog School, interesting and useful advice on dog training based on positive motivation principles and it explains some of the basic commands.

Dog School in Semizovac is a member of the Dog School network, and is based on the same principles of positive motivation, standard procedures, high standards and quality as all the schools run by Dogs Trust in Great Britain. Positive motivation is based on scientific research collected and conducted by the Dogs Trust Foundation, and the result is – a strong bond between owners and their dogs where owners understand their pets better and dogs are well behaved and happy.

The Representative Office uses the same methods of work as its founder in the UK, Dogs Trust Worldwide, so its coaches are focused on educating owners on how to better manage their dogs.

Like all Dogs Trust Programmes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Dog School, which was launched in 2016, supports a law-compliant and humane solution to the problem of abandoned dogs because it reduces the risk of owners abandoning their dogs due to unwanted behaviour. A trained dog is a happy dog, and the owner of a trained dog – a happy owner! For a happy community with happy dogs in it!