Dogs Trust Dog School visits Mostar again

Due to the large number of applications, the Dog School will repeat its visit to Mostar from
2.11. to 4.12. 2021.

Dog owners from Mostar and the surrounding area who want to take advantage of this valuable
support and learn how to better understand their dog and use what the dog likes to teach him
good behavior, can apply on our website:

Dog School is a program that is implemented in BiH in the same way and according to the same
high standards for helping dog owners across the UK!

The Dogs Trust is one of the largest dog welfare organizations in the world and the largest of its
kind in the UK. In BiH, since 2012, through several programs, it has voluntarily supported
humane, efficient and legal management of the dog population, as the only way to reach the
day when all dogs will live happily, with their responsible owners who take good care of them!