Dogs Trust Expands its Education Programme to Tuzla Canton

The Dogs Trust Education Programme for children, which is running in Tuzla Canton since the beginning of this school year, was officially opened on Tuesday, 29.11.2016.

On this occasion, mini educative and fun workshops with children were organised in a large “dog house” in Telex, Tuzla’s Teen Centre. The workshops aim to teach children about safety with dogs, as well as responsible dog ownership and the needs of dogs.

Over 60 children from attended the workshops and received useful and fun gifts in branded gym bags.

“The Education Programme primarily teaches children how to be safe with dogs, but also about their nature and the responsibilities that come with owning a dog. A dog that is well taken care of can bring joy and many benefits to its owner, but it is of great importance that children understand dogs’ needs. We can be sure that the current stray dog problem will not exist in the future only if responsible dog ownership is taught at a young age”, said Sanja Bianculli, PR and Marketing Officer at Dogs Trust B&H.

The Dogs Trust Education Programme is successfully running in Canton Sarajevo for the fifth consecutive year, in Canton 10 for the third year, and, Zvornik region and the City of Banja Luka for the second year. Now, in cooperation with the NGO “Fondacija tuzlanske zajednice”, the Programme is active in Tuzla Canton where it is run by local Education Officers who have previously successfully completed the Dogs Trust training in Sarajevo. The Programme has been approved by local ministries of education in all areas.

“The core of the stray dog problem is irresponsible dog ownership, which is why responsible ownership with all other measures provisions in the state animal welfarelegislation, is the key to creating a sustainable dog population management system. Children and the whole community, must stay safe and responsible to ensure that the stray dog problem, once resolved, does not keep reoccurring”, added Bianculli.