Dogs Trust: Free Neutering of Owned and Mass Neutering of Abandoned Dogs Campaigns Started on February 19th

As part of its substantial support for a law-compliant, permanent and humane solution to the problem of abandoned dogs, Dogs Trust continues to support and coordinate campaigns of free neutering of owned and mass neutering of abandoned dogs in around 40% of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s territory.

Free neutering of owned and mass neutering of abandoned dogs started on February 19th in the following regions:

  • Canton Sarajevo and Lukavica
  • Canton 10
  • Tuzla Canton
  • Sarajevo-Zvornik Region

Dog owners can book free neutering for their dogs directly with partner clinics. Their contact information can be found on our website:

This year, Dogs Trust is extending its support through the Free Neutering Programme to the city of Banja Luka, its wider surroundings, and all municipalities of East Sarajevo where preparations for free neutering of owned dogs are underway.

The first phase of neutering in all „new” regions is mass neutering of abandoned dogs. Free neutering of owned dogs in these regions will be announced at a later time.

In the city of Banja Luka and its wider surroundings, including municipalities Laktasi, Prnjavor, Gradiska, Omarska, Prijedor and Kozarska dubica, preparations are underway and the expected start of the Mass Neutering of abandoned dogs campaign is March 26th, and the Free Neutering of owned dogs campaign in September this year.

The Neutering Campaigns supported and coordinated by the Dogs Trust Representative Office in B&H will be temporarily suspended for a month for the summer holiday season, as well as for about two months during winter, due to preparations for the following year.

All dogs neutered through the Neutering Programme, supported by Dogs Trust and coordinated by its Representative Office in B&H, receive a rabies vaccine, anti-parasite treatment as well as a microchip, while abandoned dogs are marked with an ear tag and tattoo.

Find out how these two Programmes are implemented by watching the short films available on our YouTube channel, Dogs Trust BiH. Be sure to watch our fun, short, films about all our other Programmes as well! Even though the implementation of the Law and establishment of a DPM System is the responsibility of the authorities, find out how we can all contribute and help establish a system that is in the best interest of both the dogs and the community!

Dogs Trust Representative Office coordinates Programmes that are created and supported by its founder in the United Kingdom, Dogs Trust Worldwide. The aim of all Programmes is to support the establishment of an efficient and humane Dog Population Management System, which is based on the local Animal Protection and Welfare Act. This would lead to a permanent and sustainable solution to the problem of abandoned dogs.