Dogs Trust: Improved Dog School Officially Opened at its New Location in Semizovac

Dogs Trust Representative Office in B&H organized an official ceremony for the opening of the improved Dog School on Thursday, March 30th 2017, at its new location in Semizovac.

While it was first opened in March 2016, at the beginning of this year Dog School was moved to a new, more convenient location. The new premises include indoor and outdoor training facilities, so training is possible at any time of the year, despite the weather conditions. The capacity of the Dog School, with its three trained coaches, has also been greatly increased.

The opening speeches were made by the CEO of Dogs Trust, Adrian Burder, as well as the Head of the Representative office in B&H, Anel Bećirović. The event was attended by two members of the Dogs Trust Board of Trustees, Philip White and Veronica Carbone, as well as many dog owners, friends and local partners.

A demonstration by owners and dogs who have either completed training or are attending it currently was organized after the ribbon was “cut”, marking the Dog School officially open, by Elly, a dog owned by one of the School’s coaches.

As part of the programme, Dogs Trust Education Officers organized a mini workshop for children from the primary schools „Porodice ef.Ramić“ and „Vladislav Skarić“. The children had the opportunity to watch the official ceremony as well as learn about safety with dogs, responsible dog ownership and dogs’ needs.

Dog training, along with mandatory education of dog owners, is supported by Dogs Trust Representative Office in B&H and is based on principles of positive motivation researched by dog behaviour experts. Training at the Dog School in Semizovac meets the same high standards that have been set for the 23 Dog Schools run by Dogs Trust in the United Kingdom.