Dogs Trust is now financing neutering for owned and stray dogs in Canton 10

Dogs Trust is now financing neutering for owned and stray dogs in the largest canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Canton 10. Free neutering campaign is run by the local Association for the Protection of Animals “O” with the financial and technical support of Dogs Trust Representative office in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

So far, the neutering is carried out by three veterinary clinics, one in Tomislavgrad, one Livno and one in Glamoc, but the plan is to add two more clinics. All veterinary experts who carry out the procedures have completed the training program run by Dogs Trust in cooperation with the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Sarajevo, while all the catchers have also been trained in humane dog trapping.
Our research from earlier this year has shown that there are about 3,000 stray dogs and about 10,000 owned dogs in Canton 10. The aim of this campaign is to cover neutering and additional processing of as many stray and owned dogs.

In addition, Dogs Trust Representative Office also seeks to help the Canton establish a database of all dogs, to facilitate the implementation of Responsible Dog Ownership (RDO) and better management of the abandoned dogs who temporarily remain in their habitat.
For contacts of veterinary stations, as well as additional information regarding the campaign, please contact the Coordinator of the program, Jasenka Jarebica, via phone at 387 63 72 32 88.

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