Dogs Trust open a video communications platform for a series of free expert webinars via Zoom app, open to veterinary experts and the public

Dogs Trust Representative Office organizes two free webinars for veterinary experts and the public. Both workshops will be delivered on Friday, April 17th 2020 via Zoom application, the first one at 16:00 h, the second at 17:00 h.

Dogs Trust Representative Office will hold a series of similar webinars supported by renowned local and international experts.

The workshop at 16:00 is delivered by Slaven Grbić, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Doctor of Science who is the director of FECAVA (European Federation of Small Practice Veterinary Association) for BHSAVA (the Association of Veterinary for Small animals in BiH) on the topic of animal vet care during COVID19 Pandemic.

The scientific documents drafted by the key veterinary organisations in the world will be presented during the first workshop, with the aim for the information to reach each veterinarian, dog owner, and the public. The urgent need for such documents was due to the occurrence of dog abandonment cases in large cities caused by unjustified fear that pets could transfer COVID19.

The second workshop will be delivered at 17:00 h in English. The lecturer, Hayley M. Walters, a Veterinary Technician specialising in wellbeing and anaesthesia from the University of Edinburgh, and a consultant in the Dogs Trust Veterinary Staff Training Programme, will talk about pain recognition and treatment in dogs and cats in clinical conditions.

Sign in to one or both free webinars as soon as possible – the number of participants is limited: