Dogs Trust Representative Office in B&H starts with year-round support of free neutering for owned dogs on 16th February

Dogs Trust Representative Office’s full financial and technical support of completely free neutering of owned dogs in Canton Sarajevo is starting on February 16th 2015. The support that will run throughout the year includes free neutering, anti-rabid vaccine, anti-parasite treatment and chipping for all owned dogs in Canton Sarajevo in XX participating clinics.

This valuable gift to the dog owners and the whole community is part of the Dogs Trust’s 2015 plan to support neutering of 80% of the overall dog population in Canton Sarajevo, through this and three campaigns of mass neuter of stray dogs. Provided that no new dogs are transported into Canton Sarajevo, the result should be a visible reduction of the stray dog population.

“The gift of free neutering and veterinary processing for owned dogs is our way to encourage responsible dog ownership which is essential for a long term solution of the street dog problem. Our plan to neuter 80% of all dogs in Sarajevo Canton combined with, hopefully, continued efforts of the SC Government to establish a self-sustainable dog population system in accordance with APWA, should mark a turning point in efforts to solve this problem,” said Anel Becirovic, Head of Dogs Trust Representative Office in B&H.

Neutering is the most efficient humane method of preventing unwanted litters and with its numerous benefits for the dogs, owners and the whole community – behavioural, medical, safety and financial – it is a very important part of responsible dog ownership and good citizenship.

We invite all the owners of unneutered dogs that reside in Canton Sarajevo, including those who plan to use this opportunity as the starter for re-homing a stray dog, to visit us on the web and on our Facebook page, or to call our info line for additional information 033 83 76 49.

Dogs Trust Representative Office in B&H remains ready to continue expanding its significant technical, advisory and financial support and to work with the new authorities in Canton Sarajevo in solving the stray dog problem through implementation of APWA.