Dogs Trust Representative Office respond to the article published on the portal Index

As a response to your article entitled “Dogs Trust would like for dog walks to be allowed while children and the elderly are literally closed for 24 hours.” (, published on 30th March 2020, we kindly ask to publish our response entirely, so the public is correctly and transparently informed.

The animal welfare charity has been present in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2012 and it has provided significant support to the legal, systemic and humane tackling of abandoned dogs, which is in the interests and welfare of dogs and the community. As an organisation dealing with the issue of dogs, we have primarily responded to numerous inquiries from our fellow citizens, dog owners, at a time when the curfew in FBiH was starting earlier than it is now.

Given that our team members also have families, children and elderly parents, of course this requirement was not aimed at granting one group the benefit over another. It was neither to diminish the problem that situation creates for the children and the retired, nor was it about seeking any privilege. It was for the hygiene and the health of dog owners and their pets, as well as the communities.

We addressed the Federal civil protection board thus initiating that the dog owners were to be allowed to walk their dogs near their homes respecting all recommendations to prevent coronavirus from spreading, specifically so they could carry out their physiological needs before going to sleep. Among the pets were many older dogs and dogs with health difficulties who had less ability to adapt their routine, especially to restrain from their physiological needs.

The same was initiated by the dean of the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Sarajevo, Mr Nihad Fejzi─ç and numerous local associations for the protection of the animals.

In our initiative and all the online activities we have launched to continue to support the community within our current capacity, Dogs Trust note, in particular, the importance of following the instructions of superiors in an emergency situation where we are all at risk, and the dog owners to be even more responsible and clean up after their dogs, to dispose of waste in a basket intended for this purpose, to properly take care of their hygiene, clean their dog’s paws after going out, and with our support provide their pets with adequate activities that will make it more satisfied and prevent any changes in behaviour.

Although we are not able to implement specific programs that require bringing together more people and contacts, which can be risky, we continue to work and we are here for every possible support we can provide at this difficult time, in line with our resources and our role.

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