Dogs Trust supports free neutering of 2.027 dogs by the end of April

A total of 2.027 dogs were neutered so far in 2015 as part of the 5 year-round support of Dogs Trust of completely free neutering and additional veterinary processing for owned and stray dogs in the Sarajevo Canton, which combined with the results of 2013 and 2014 amounts to 10.462 neutered dogs. The support that Dogs Trust offers on a year-round basis for the first time this year aims at neutering of 80% of the overall dog population in Canton Sarajevo, according to our own estimate amounting to around 10,000 dogs, which will significantly contribute to the resolution of the stray dog problem and a faster implementation of the APWA. Only a systematic solution can result in dogs no longer living on streets, and only the responsible authorities can and are obliged to establish the system, while Dogs Trust remains ready to give them a significant advisory, technical, but also financial support in this process.

Our support for dog owners continues between the 27th of April and 20th of May, when owners have the opportunity to assure their dogs’ health and protect them through responsible care with completely neutering, anti-rabid vaccination, anti-parasite treatment and chipping offered absolutely at Dogs Trust’s cost. We invite all the dog owners, especially those who want to rehome a stray dog, to use this exceptional opportunity and to schedule the free of cost procedures for their pets in the participating clinics.

The significance of the results achieved through Dogs Trust’s support can best be seen through foreseeing the number of dogs that would have end up in the streets without Dogs Trust-supported free neutering actions, and this number can be expressed is in tens of thousands.

“If at least the basic contours of the DPM system had been established on time, these results would already largely put the stray dog population under control, and the problem would be on the secure way to be resolved permanently and sustainably, while most unwanted incidents would have been prevented,” said Anel Becirovic, Head of DT Representative Office in B&H.

Dogs Trust believes that this can still be achieved, and that the consistent and full implementation of the APWA is the only right path. Unfortunately, not only that it is still being implemented poorly, but lately the Act is being greatly violated, which seriously diminishes the mentioned results.

In that sense, Dogs Trust Representative Office is one more time appealing on all the responsible inspection and authorities to examine, stop and sanction the violations of the Act and to urgently initiate its full and consistent implementation.

“It is our goal for this year to establish a firm partnership with the newly-elected Government of CS, and to provide them with all support we can in order to solve the problem efficiently, cost effectively and in such a manner that it does not keep reoccurring,” Becirovic said.

In the meantime, Dogs Trust continues with supporting the community and LAs within the framework of the APWA as it has since it came to B&H. As well as our free neutering, vaccination and chipping activity, we also continue with the professional trainings for the veterinarian experts form all over the country, as well as with the education programme in schools which, will help that the new generation becomes responsible as citizens and dog owners.

If you have any dilemmas or questions related to neutering, you can contact us via email and leave your phone number, and our veterinarians will call you and answer to all of your questions. Also, visit our web and Facebook pages, or call our info line: 033 83 76 49.