Dogs Trust will finance neutering and additional processing of abandoned dogs in the barracks of the Armed Forces of BiH

The Dogs Trust Foundation in BiH, in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense of BiH, will help
neuter abandoned dogs living in barracks and other military locations of the Armed Forces of
BiH in the next year. On that occasion, by the recommendation of the British Ambassador to
BiH, Mr. Matt Field, on Wednesday, October 6, 2021. Dogs Trust and the Ministry of Defense of
BiH signed a Protocol on Cooperation.


The protocol was signed in the presence of Ambassador Field by Dr. Sifet Podžić on behalf of
the Ministry and by Mrs. Karen Reed, Director of the International Department at Dogs Trust.
This support will be implemented within the Neutering Program funded by the Dogs Trust in
BiH and according to standard operating procedures normally used in these campaigns, and of
course in accordance with the state Law on Animal Protection and Welfare. Abandoned dogs at
military locations will be neutered, cleaned of intestinal parasites, vaccinated against rabies,
and marked with an ear tag and tattoo in stages, and according to a plan that will be
subsequently agreed upon by the two sides.


Ambassador Field expressed satisfaction with the signing of this Protocol which will not only
help solve the problem of stray dogs in barracks, but also have an indirect effect on
communities. Ambassador Field emphasized that the Dogs Trust in BiH is doing an important
job and welcomed the readiness of the Ministry of Defense of BiH to help solve the problem of
stray dogs in accordance with the law and in a humane way.


“Only through such joint efforts can we make improvements in the daily lives of citizens – small
but important steps lead to big changes”; said Ambassador Field.


Minister Podžić expressed satisfaction with the cooperation with the British Embassy and the
upcoming cooperation with Dogs Trust and emphasized the commitment of the Ministry and
the Armed Forces to help and contribute to a permanent, humane, and legal solution to the
problem of stray dogs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


"Dogs deserve a special place because we have PREGA teams in the Armed Forces with military
working dogs that serve with our deminers – saving the lives of the citizens of Bosnia and
Herzegovina every day, especially in areas that are still contaminated with mines.
Unfortunately, they are still not getting the recognition they deserve," said Minister Podzic. On
behalf of the Dogs Trust Foundation, the Director of the International Department, Karen Reed,
welcomed the commitment of the Ministry of Defense of BiH to solve the problem of stray dogs
humanely, as required by state law.


“;We hope that our continued assistance will in the long run contribute to the establishment of
a sustainable system for managing the dog population throughout the country, and the full and
consistent implementation of progressive state legislation on animal welfare, which will bring
Bosnia and Herzegovina in line with other countries using this model for the sustainable and
lasting improvement of animal and human welfare” said Karen Reed.


For almost ten years, the Dogs Trust in BiH has provided significant voluntary support in the
humane and legal solution of stray dogs, funding several highly useful programs, including the
Neutering of Owned and Abandoned Dogs Program, which has certainly prevented hundreds of
thousands of new dogs from ending up on the streets. The results of the work are obvious
because the problem of stray dogs has been significantly reduced and it is now up to local
authorities to start implementing a permanent and self-sustaining system for managing the dog


Community and dog welfare are closely linked, and the issue of implementing the Law on
Animal Protection and Welfare in BiH which is progressive and aligned with European
standards, as an obligation of local authorities, is key to reaching a lasting solution, thus
protecting animal welfare, and improving the health and safety of the entire community. In that
sense, the effort of the Ministry of Defense of BiH to solve this problem in its domain in a legal
and humane way is definitely to be praised.