Dogs Trust will find a happy, permanent home for Mini, a joyful dog who suffered injuries in a brutal incident in Gračanica

The Dogs Trust Representative office will find a happy home for Mini in the coming period, which will provide her with all the necessary care and great love, the same as Mini radiates despite the trauma and injuries she suffered at the end of last month in Gračanica.

Last week, representatives of the Dogs Trust Foundation visited  the Veterinary clinic Gračanica one of the partners in the Dogs Trust Dog Sterilization Program, which showed exceptional professionalism and human ethics by reacting very quickly after the brutal act, and fully taking on the demanding treatments of this beautiful, young female dog.

During the visit, Dogs Trust members had the great pleasure of meeting Mini who is recovering slowly but surely. Dogs Trust representatives presented gifts for Mini and the Dogs Trust Recognition for Humanity Certificate to the great team of this veterinary clinic led by Zaim Spahic, clinic manager and now well-known young veterinarian, Nerman Avdić.

Dogs Trust will take Mini as soon as its health condition allows it, which is expected to happen at the beginning of next year. Dogs Trust will then bear all costs for treatment, adequate care and training as well as search for a permanent owner who will always take good care of Mini. Follow us on social media where we will share all the information about Mini and about the new rescued mixed breeds that will arrive in our Fostering program at the beginning of 2021!

Dogs Trust once again calls on the authorities in Gračanica to transparently finalize the criminal proceedings against the perpetrator of this monstrous act of intentionally injuring the innocent dog Mini.

Adequate legal sanctions for any, and especially such unimaginable acts of cruelty, is crucial for respecting the principles of humanity and the law, not only in the field of animal welfare, but the law in general.

That is why in this context, we once again appeal to responsible local authorities throughout B&H to finally and urgently strengthen their initiative to establish and consistently implement legal, systemic measures, and ensure responsible dog ownership so that people and animals do not suffer due to individual irresponsibility.

In addition to significant support through programs funded in over 70% of the country territory, the Dogs Trust also provides technical and advisory assistance to those local authorities that take the initiative to establish and implement legal, humane and sustainable management of the dog population.