Dogs Trust’s neutering Achievements would be Sustainable and Truly Visible only in DPM System

Dogs Trust continues with its year-round technical and the full financial support of stray and owned dog neutering programme in Canton Sarajevo and East Sarajevo.

Only during the month of May, 515 owned dogs were neutered through the programme and the year-round support that will continue at the end of June, helping the owners to provide good care for their pets at no cost to them. This brings the total number of dogs neutered, vaccinated against rabies, treated for parasites, and chipped through technical and financial support of Dogs Trust’s programme in Canton Sarajevo and East Sarajevo to 11.246.

Although the advantage of Dogs Trust’s support is obvious considering the number of dogs that could have ended up on the street in Canton Sarajevo in the past two years, and did not because of the neutering actions, this support would be sustainable and truly visible only if combined with all other measures of the systematic Dog Population Management. Only the responsible authorities can establish this system and through the full and consistent implementation of Animal Protection and Welfare Act in B&H (APWA).

“APWA in B&H gives an excellent framework to establish such a system that will for sure resolve the problem for both the dogs and the community permanently and humanely – making sure that it does not keep reoccurring as it is the case with sporadic implementation and through violating the Act, which only mask the problem and ultimately makes it worse,” said Anel Becirovic, the Head of Dogs Trust Representative Office in BiH.

Dogs Trust is calling on the responsible authorities once again to urgently take the initiative to stop the violations, implement the Act and establish this system. “This is particularly important to do before the winter when rough weather brings more severe life conditions for the dogs and cause possibly higher safety risks to the community,” said Becirovic.

Between June 1st and 29t, local veterinary clinics that participate in the programme continue to engage Dogs Trust trained dog catching teams to carry on CNVR actions for stray dogs, while independent monitors and Dogs Trust Representative Office team will be inspecting their work. We invite all the good will citizens, especially the stray dog feeders and activists to give the teams their valuable support and inform our office about any possible problems.

Mass neuter campaigns supported and financed by Dogs Trust Foundation in Canton Sarajevo and East Sarajevo since 2013 prevented thousands of dogs from being born on the streets or ending up abandoned. These dogs would have suffered from poor living conditions such as hunger, cold, disease, abuse and injuries, while the community would have been exposed to even higher risk that dogs without responsible owners and dog population management system impose.

The processed dogs, especially females, are healthier and have better quality of life without frequent pregnancies, labour and nursing the puppies. The lack of reproductive hormones after neutering certainly contributes to lowering the chance of behaviour and aggressive behaviour, the additional treatment protects the dogs and the community from rabies and zoonosis, while all the data about these dogs is stored ready to be transferred to the responsible Dog Register institution, once appointed by the Government.

Dogs Trust is still ready to partner the authorities in this process and expand its support as much as its resources allow it.