First big post-Covid get-together with the Dogs Trust in Sarajevo

On Friday, 8/4/2022, the Representative Office of Dogs Trust organised its first big get-together after the COVID 19 pandemic, for owners and dog lovers, children, parents, educators and all other friends. The event, which was titled “Humane and Responsible – The Only Solution” was staged at the Bina location on Wilson's Promenade, with the purpose of the continuation of the get-together tradition and to encourage positive changes in responsible dog ownership and understanding of legal, humane and permanent solution to the problem of stray dogs. As part of the event, the members of the Dogs Trust team presented their programmes, enabled visitors to get first-hand answers, and a prize draw was organised for those visitors who sent their video clips and illustrated works on the topic of using positive motivation in dog training and humane treatment of animals. A total of 30 grand prizes were awarded, namely 15 vouchers, worth BAM 50, to spend on supplies at the pet shop “Sarajevo Zoo Centar”, which also gave their contribution to the vouchers, 10 comfortable Dogs Trust beds for dogs, and 5 Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8” tablets, while all visitors received useful gifts at the end of the gathering.

During the event, children learned about the safety of dogs and the needs of dogs through entertainment by participating in an educational and entertaining workshop, and finally, they received gift packages with useful, fun and educational materials and games! This year, the Dogs Trust Foundation celebrates its 10th anniversary of involvement in BiH, and this year, it is also the winner of the Plaque of the City of Sarajevo for its outstanding contribution to solving the problem of stray dogs! Thanks to the voluntary assistance of the Dogs Trust Foundation, it was possible to prevent tens of thousands of new dogs ending up on the streets of Sarajevo, the welfare of dogs was improved and the risk to the community was reduced, the capacity of the veterinary profession was raised, and the awareness on responsible dog ownership, safety with dogs, the advantages of foster care and rehoming, as well as a responsible way of getting a pet was significantly raised.

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