is a little girl about 19 months old. She's a mid-size schnauzer, and it will be love at first sight thanks to her cuddly eyes and cute moustache. Although she has never been on a leash, Lara has gained the trust of people who can't hide how much they like her, so she is used to the collar and the leash, which means that she goes for walks and that she has the possibility to play! Lara used to be a little scared of other dogs, but that changed too, so now she often goes out with another dog, her new friend, and she's very friendly with her. She loves people, and she is good with children, used to the apartment, calm and obedient, so she could be a great pet for families with children and the elderly. Since she loves to play, and her special joy is when she can run and roll on the grass, it would be desirable for her forever home to have a fenced yard.