Milky is a dog with a warm, mild nature, infinitely innocent and trusting despite the difficulties that he went through in just over a year of his life in Potočari, where a beautiful person, Amra Fazlić Begić, saved him while he was weak and injured. His worries and adversities finally came to an end after a generous initiative by the British Embassy in Sarajevo and after joining the Dogs Trust programme.

When you read Amra’s story about Milky, you’ll find it hard to believe that humans deserve creatures like dogs! Well, wonderful people do deserve them, and every day they enjoy with gratitude these noble beings who can teach us so much about loyalty, as well as endless and unconditional love!

Amra’s story

I don’t know how to start this story, but it certainly happened by accident or maybe it didn’t, maybe I was there on that particular day, just to meet him. I had just finished my interview for the "Lives Beyond the Fields of Death" project, a project about life, death and loss. Usually, it’s hard to turn your mind the other way. But that day was different. I was coming out and in front of me there was this furball. With his waving tale, he could barely get up, but he didn’t want to give up. I had nothing to give him, yet he kept following me, all the way to my car. I tried a few times to get him off the edge of the street, but we’ve already become friends and he suddenly lied down, he couldn’t go on. We looked at each other and I suddenly decided thatthe best solution would have been to put him in the car and take him with me. We reached the Memorial Museum and I told my colleagues that it was the same puppy that’s been here for a couple of days. I was lying of course, and they knew that, because the puppy that was here before was coming right at us at that point. But we were there and not going anywhere. I fed him, we cuddled, and then Mirela joined us, then Almasa, Janum, Emir…. One day at a time and he became ours. Bigger and prettier, and without any thought of leaving. Sometimes other dogs come too, but they always leave. He stays. With spring, the number of visitors to the museum grows, so our donkey (as we used to call him) follows the groups, sometimes thinks we are in danger, so he barks boldly behind us, ☺️ but he’s there and he looks after us. It’ just that not everyone likes to be followed by a dog, not everyone likes Milky (that’s what I used to call him), sometimes they make him go away, he gets scared and barks again… Some colleagues insist on the fact that he should leave, and I understand, but I won’t let him on the street. So we tried to place him in a local shelter but it was full… I wrote to whomever I could, I begged… and finally got in contact with somebody who understands the love for paws… and because of that person Milky is safe today maybe he is not happy yet, maybe he thinks I betrayed him, maybe he is waiting for me. I hope that our meeting is his chance to live the best life he                       can… Wherever he will go, at least he will know that someone loved him once… We still love him and if he fails to find his happiness elsewhere, this place and the little we can offer him will always be waiting for him….


If you think that Milky could be the perfect dog for you, and you’re ready to give him a happy home, lots of attention and love, and good care for the rest of his life, apply!