Adopt SMOKY!

Breed: crossbreed (Imaal Terrier type)
Starost: 2-5 years
Age: male, neutered
Size: small dog

Smoky doesn’t need much to be happy! He is very calm and loves to cuddle. His favorite activity is resting at home, as he does not expect much activity. He is able to adapt to new situations quickly, and is already used to life at home, with or without other dogs.

Smoky loves food, which is good news for training, but his new owners will have to responsibly limit his food quantities during the day, so stays healthy and fit.

This cute dog is currently living with a Dogs Trust Fostering volunteer, and new information about him will be available soon!

If you want to adopt Smoky, be sure to mention his name in the application form below:

After completing the application form, for more information about Smoky please contact Dogs Trust Fostering coordinator: 063 299 224.