Free Neutering of Owned Dogs in Tuzla Canton Starts in September

Dogs Trust Representative Office in B&H will expand its support in Tuzla Canton by financing the Free Neutering Programme for owned dogs starting September!

Agreements with the local authorities in this Canton have been signed, the veterinary clinics have met the Foundation’s standards in surgical neutering and anaesthesia and the veterinary staff has completed the Dogs Trust Veterinary Training Programme in cooperation with the Veterinary Faculty, University of Sarajevo. All conditions necessary for the start of this Programme in Tuzla Canton have been met, and Dogs Trust has approved the funds for this project.

Starting September 2017, dog owners from Tuzla Canton will be able to contact veterinary clinics which are a part of our Free Neutering Programme (full list:, and book an appointment for the Neutering of their dogs. All dogs participating in our Programme will also receive a free rabies vaccine, anti-parasite treatment and a microchip!

Dogs Trust already supports the Education and Mass Neutering Programmes in Tuzla Canton.

Dogs Trust Representative Office has been providing support for the solution of the stray dog problem in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2012, through its Veterinary Training Programme, Education Programme, Mass Neutering and Free Neutering Programme, the free dog training Programme – Dog School, Public Awareness and Education Programme and the upcoming Fostering Programme.

Dogs Trust Programmes cover 40% of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and will continue to expand in accordance with the available resources.

The aim of the comprehensive support is to help the local authorities solve the stray dog problem through the establishment of a sustainable, law-compliant, and humane dog population management system.

The stray dog problem can be solved only through the implementation of a system that prevents the abandonment of owned dogs, which has been identified as the main cause of the problem. With such a system in place, we can come to the day when all dogs will live with their responsible owners, instead of on the streets!