Initiative to Local Authorities: Dog Owners Should be Allowed to Walk Dogs After Curfew

The Dogs Trust Office in BiH, which, due to social responsibility related to the prevention of COVID-19 expansion, temporarily suspended its programs on the ground, is actively and continuously working to support dog owners and the community in these specific circumstances.

Accordingly, we have launched an initiative regarding the official approval of the competent institution that dog owners should be allowed to walk their pets after curfew following all the rules of social distance and hygiene.

In the FB&H, the Federal Civil Protection Administration, ie. its HQ is in charge of issuing the order and distributing it to all Police Authorities so that they can then issue communications. In Republika Srpska, the Crisis Management Authority is responsible.

During the communication with the FB&H FUCZ we were not able to obtain information on when they will officially send the order to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, so today we continue to communicate and support the initiative by the Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Sarajevo, Nihad Fejzić.

In the Republic of Srpska, through our local partners, we contacted the Crisis Management Authority, and we expect this issue to be officially solved at the national level.

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We continue to monitor all intitiatives and offer support aimed at helping dog owners and local community overcome challanges of the health crisis and social isolation.

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Sanja Bianculli
PR and Marketing Officer
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