Developing dog intelligence is important for both dogs and their owners

When dog lovers imagine their new best friend, they fantasize about having a nice walk with him, how the dog listens to them, walks besides them, waits when he is told, comes back with a ball, does not touch what he is not supposed to, etc.

The reality can unfortunately be sadder for both the dog and the owner if they do not understand each other. If the owner decides to learn how to better understand his dog and how to train him using only positive associations and rewards, an idyllic picture can indeed become a reality!

The Dogs Trust Dog School is the right place to learn for free how to make your dog listen to you with pleasure and how to build a strong bond with him so you never, ever want to leave him!

Dog owners are most often aware of the need to preserve the physical health of their pets, so they regularly take their dogs for walks and veterinary check-ups.

But did you know that physical exercise can actually make a dog even more excited, and that intelligence training will make him more satisfied and tired?

We spoke about this topic with a dog training expert and an Instructor at the Dogs Trust Dog School, Ensar Medjedovic.

Ensar, why is developing and practicing dog intelligence important to both dogs and their owners?

First of all, a sufficient amount of exercise through play and rewarding and stimulating the dog in solving of appropriate challenges for each dog will definitely relax the dog and reduce its stress level, but also it will strengthen their resourcefulness, intelligence and confidence, as well as their ability to search.

In addition, mental challenges are a great way to reduce your dog’s boredom at times when you are unable to fully commit to him/her, due to other commitments. This is especially important for the owner, as these activities can offer the possibility of prolonged animation of the dog when left alone at home.

It is also important to emphasize that this is good for the community as well, because mentally stimulated dogs are less likely to exhibit unwanted behaviors.

What can owners do to offer their pet an additional mental challenge?

Although there are numerous toys designed specifically for this purpose, working on developing your dog’s intelligence with a little creativity does not have to mean additional costs from your budget. There are different ways to enrich your dog’s environment through daily play and challenge by using all of his senses. You can turn regular walks into interactive walks by giving your dog challenges with his favorite toys or by hiding the food along the way for the dog to search for. When you are at home, instead of giving your dog a whole meal at a time, divide it into smaller portions and use it to reward the dog during training and play. During the day, you can also offer food in various, more interesting ways than usual, e.g. using prolonged feeding bowls, food-releasing toys or rubber toys which can be pre-filled and put in the freezer.

Be creative with what you already have in your home, make your own dog games and toys, but be careful and always use materials that are safe for the dog.

Who can apply for training at the Dog School?

Dog training is needed for every dog ​​and it is important for the well-being of the dog, owner and community so everyone can apply. However, dogs, like us, learn best when they are young, so this training is especially recommended for new dog owners. In this way, the dog will learn to behave nicely from young age and associate good behavior with something comfortable for him, because we at the Dog School use the most effective method – only positive motivation and never punishment. The only requirement to attend the training is that your dog has received all necessary vaccines against infectious diseases so him and his classmates are all protected.

Over 850 owners with their furry friends have successfully completed dog school so far, sign up as well! You can apply for free dog training by filling out an application form on the Dogs Trust Foundation in Bosnia and Herzegovina official website.