The Russian delegation will visit the Dogs Trust Veterinary Specialists Training Program

FOTO: Richard Murgatroyd

Representatives of the Faculty of Bioengineering and Veterinary Medicine at Don State Technical University in Rostov, Russia, will visit the Dogs Trust Veterinary Specialists Training Program in March 2020 with the aim of considering initiating the education of veterinary professionals at their faculty modeled on Dogs Trust training program in Sarajevo. This program has been implemented since 2013 in collaboration with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Sarajevo.

The Dean of the Faculty, dr. Alexey M. Ermakov, and Laboratory Assistant, Igor V. Popov will be visiting the program.

The Russian delegation will be accompanied by the Dogs Trust Officer for International Projects and Development, Nelly Marakaeva, Deputy Director of Veterinary Medicine, Runa Hanaghan, and the Dogs Trust external consultant for the project in Russia, Dr. Ursula Goetz.

This Dogs Trust Program, which includes training for veterinarians and veterinary technicians on the topics of surgical sterilization, anesthesia, analgesia, and pre and post-operative care, has been included in the Lifelong Learning Program of the University of Sarajevo and in the Veterinary Chamber professional development Program for its excellent results and excellence.

Thanks to this training, Dogs Trust in BiH has initiated and, in cooperation with the local veterinary stations and with the approval of relevant institutions, successfully implemented the Mass Sterilization Program for abandoned dogs and free sterilization of owned dogs, across 76% of BiH territory this year.

Sterilization as the most humane method of managing a dog population significantly helps to combat the number of new abandoned dogs, and is an important part of the humane, legal and permanent solution to the problem of abandoned dogs, which is also required by the state Animal Protection and Welfare Act.