The Dogs Trust celebrated Teacher’s Day and International Animal Day with friends – teachers and BFF activists

The Dogs Trust Foundation in BiH held its first “real” gathering since the beginning of the
pandemic, on October 14, 2021, marking Teacher's Day and International Animal Day with
friends, teachers, and the Dogs Trust BFF activists from Sarajevo and the surrounding area.

The gathering, which was organized at the International Center for Children and Youth Novo
Sarajevo, was available for follow-up via Facebook Live stream.


During the evening, participants participated in a useful, interactive presentation on the
elements of systemic, efficient, humane, and sustainable solutions to stray dogs in accordance
with progressive state legislation on animal protection and welfare, and watched a short film
summarizing everything you need to know about this question, which you can also watch here:


A solution that everyone can understand! – YouTube 


The main stakeholders in charge of such a solution were discussed, as well as the importance of
the role of teachers, but also BFF activists and other animal friends, in educating and raising
awareness on this important issue.


After the presentation and discussion, a prize quiz was organized, and the 10 participants who
were the first to give the correct answer to the prize questions, won a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 8
“T29. All participants received useful and valuable gifts as a sign of attention and gratitude,
including gifts for children and pets.


Since 2012, the Dogs Trust Foundation has been voluntarily but significantly helping to improve
the well-being of the community and its dogs by funding programs specifically designed to
facilitate the work of competent authorities and institutions to reach a lasting solution and
avoid both the risks to humans and the unnecessary suffering of innocent dogs.


The role of our friends, and all animal friends who want to help reach the final goal, when dogs
will live only with the good care of responsible owners, is huge, because each of us can expand
our knowledge and thus help the key aspect of raising awareness and leading to sustainability
of the system solution ensuring that the problem will not recur after that.


We would like to thank all the participants and those who followed us via live stream, and we
sincerely hope that our resources and epidemiological situation will allow us to soon organize
similar socializing event with our friends in all parts of BiH.


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