Vaccination and re-vacctination against rabies important for whole community

  • Revaccination against rabies is carried out on all dogs who were previously neutered and vaccinated in Dogs Trust Mass Neutering Programme, while all other dogs who have not been neutered are also being vaccinated, to protect the whole community against this dangerous zoonotic disease.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina’s legislation requires dog owners to vaccinate their pets against rabies yearly. Due to the large number of stray dogs who unfortunately live on the streets, the same procedure should apply to this population who come in contact with people and owned dogs on a daily basis, which is not the case so far.
    Because there is no organised, systematic vaccination of stray dogs, Dogs Trust decided to finance this important action.
  • The action also includes the stray dog vaccination against three highly infectious diseases which do not pose a threat to people but can have serious health consequences for the dogs. These diseases are distemper, canine hepatitis and parvovirus infection. It is well known that parvovirus and distemper are expensive and hard to treat and that they take away many dog lives, but canine hepatitis also carries a high mortality rate for many dogs and cats as well. The humans, although unaffected, can transfer the viruses to their pets or bring them into their home on clothes and shoes, and not only through direct contact with the infected dogs. The vaccination of stray dogs against these diseases is important also to reduce the risk for owned dogs, avoiding possible treatment costs, stress due to the loss of pet, or the loss of trained and expensive working dogs.
  • Although it is not prescribed by the law, we advise all dog owners to vaccinate their pets against infectious diseases, in addition to the mandatory rabies.