Veterinary Training Programme Candidates Get Two Professional Manuals

As part of the  Veterinary Training Programme run in cooperation with the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Sarajevo for experts from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dogs Trust Representative Office this year produced two expert manuals intended for all candidates who successfully complete this Programme.

Manual for Training in Surgical Castration and Sterilization:
SURGICAL CASTRATION AND STERILIZATION, Manual for Doctors of Veterinary Medicine – December, 2015 edition

This manual follows the Dogs Trust Veterinary Training Programme for surgical castration and sterilization, with an aim to consolidate relevant clinical guidelines to imrove animal welfare. The manual includes all of the Dogs Trust Standard Operative Procedures (SOP), as well as all current recommendations and protocols intended for veterinarians who participate in projects related to Dog Population Management (DPM).

Manual for Training in Anaesthesia,  and Pre and Post-Operative Care:
PRINCIPLES OF GENERAL ANAESTHESIA, ANALGESIA AND ANIMAL WELFARE – Manual for Veterinary Anesthesiologists,  September 2016 edition

This manual follows the Dogs Trust Veterinary Training Programme in anaesthesia for veterinary technicians and junior doctors of veterinary medicine, with an aim to offer an overview of the Standard Operative Procedures (SOP) for anaesthesia and analgesia, as well as for the protocols for preparation of surgical rooms and patients, aspiring to improve animal welfare during surgical procedures.