Why is it important for children to learn how to be safe around and in contact with dogs?

Knowing how to behave around dogs is important whether or not you enjoy their company, and especially if you are scared of them. Dogs Trust free Education Programme workshops aim to teach kids how to be as safe as possible, without exposing them to contact with a real dog.

The most important safety principles that children learn with Dogs Trust workshops in schools are:

  • Children should never, EVER approach an unfamiliar dog. Familiar owned dogs should only be approached with parental and dog owner’s permission.
  • Children should never wave their hands, shout or run near dogs because this behaviour can frighten the dog or
  • In case an unfamiliar dog approaches, children should stay as calm as possible and head slowly in the opposite direction

Dogs Trust free Education Workshops are important for the children’s safety. For more information visit the Dogs Trust Education Programme website.