Winners of the Children’s Competition in Canton 10 Announced

Dogs Trust Representative Office in B&H announced the winners of the Canton 10 primary school competition “My Dog, My Responsibility” on Friday, April 7th, 2017 at the official award ceremony held in the “Silvije Strahimir Kranjčević” middle school, in Livno.

The competition was organized at the beginning of this year in cooperation with the Ministry of Science, Education, Culture and Sport of Canton 10 – with whose approval the Association for Animal Protection “O” has been implementing the Dogs Trust Education Programme in this canton for two years.

The children produced creative videos showing the knowledge gained in Dogs Trust educational workshops on important topics of safety with dogs, dogs’ needs and responsible dog ownership.

The three winning schools were announced by the representatives of the Ministry, Association “O” and the Dogs Trust Representative office. The winning and all participating schools received valuable awards that will benefit the education of all children within the community. As a part of the official ceremony, the winning videos, as well as a compilation of all of the children’s videos were shown, and everyone received promotional and educational materials.

The winners of this competition are:

First place: Primary School “Fra Mije Čuića”, Bukovica – Tomislavgrad, which will receive equipment for a multimedia classroom;

Second place: Primary School “Glamoč”, Glamoč, which will receive a computer with speakers and a video camera;

Third place: Primary School “Drvar”, Drvar, which will receive a computer with speakers.

All participating schools will receive a digital camera, as a reward for their extraordinary knowledge and creativity.

Dogs Trust has been supporting and coordinating its free Education Programme in Canton 10 for two years, and its Neutering Programme for one year, all in cooperation with the local partner, the Association for Animal Protection „O“.

Both Programmes are a part of our overall support of a permanent, sustainable, law-compliant and humane solution to the stray dog problem in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

List of participating schools:

  • Primary School “Ivan Goran Kovačić”, Livno
  • Primary School “Fra Miroslava Džaje”, Kupres
  • Primary School Fra Mije Čuića, Bukovica – Tomislavgrad
  • Primary School “Drvar”, Drvar
  • Primary School “Ivana Mažuranica”, Tomislavgrad
  • Primary School “Glamoč”, Glamoč
  • Primary School “Stjepana Radića”, Prisoje – Tomislavgrad